Matching Your Talents with Great Opportunities

About Cypress Search LLC

Founder Bernard Harms

Bernard Harms, founder of Cypress Search, started his career in the recruiting business in 1994 working for a successful Pennsylvania based recruiting firm. In 2007 Bernie launched Cypress Search applying a humanistic approach to the professional placement business.

Despite the challenges, Bernie has steadfastly remained committed to practicing his core philosophy on a daily basis. To summarize the Cypress Search approach: “We maintain excellent candidate and client relationships. We work very closely with hiring managers to understand the needs beyond a job description. We work closely with candidates to understand their search objectives. We always strives to find a fit for both companies and candidates alike.”


What Makes Us Different?

Matching candidates and companies is as much art as it is a science. Our collaborative approach allows Cypress Search to thoroughly understand client needs and ultimately match candidates that fit both the culture of a firm and the technical requirements of the position.

Cypress Search has a very high submission-to-hire ratio which means a more targeted approach to recruitment. This value-added strategy — to send a select few, highly qualified professionals that match the job specification and are also a cultural fit — is appreciated by both clients and candidates.

Simply stated, companies know that Cypress Search will not send candidates who don’t fit key qualifying and cultural parameters. Candidates understand that they will be matched with only those organizations that fit their search parameters.

Bernie has successfully placed senior level candidates in a variety of organizations from mid-sized firms up to multi-national Fortune 50 companies.